On Second Thought

SO…entry number two – journals can have two entries in one day, right? Who knows! Maybe I just love you so much I’ll use you like a facebook. That was my original plan. Anyways! Onto what I started this post for…

More good news! I received an email this morning around 7:43AM that I hadn’t checked until after my Art History class this morning around 11:30 regarding my acceptance into a music performance class here at the UW. It is a class for non-major vocal instruction. Before the quarter had begun, my original registration plans had been to participate in as many art classes as possible to (secret plot exposure!) raise my GPA! (gasp!). Among said art classes I had intended in taking a music class – the voice one for non-majors…like..i …said before; just in case you forgot. Unfortunately, this never worked out because I couldn’t get ahold of numerous professors for add codes. WHY I needed add codes for ART classes is beyond me. SO, I ended up where I am now and music just feel through somewhere in between. WELL…..




(drum roll?)

…I got this email this morning and it was the music professor asking me to come by her office today (April 8th – Monday). So I decided not to and left. ….Yes, of COURSE I went! I was nervous the whole time and couldn’t stop shaking. I got there and she had a pianist ready. It was a lesson I didn’t realize I was getting. She took me on as a student and gave me a lesson. She and Hans, the pianist, checked my range and looked at each other and nodded. They both complimented me on my range and general …vocalness …in singing. She gave me two songs to work on through the week that I will perform at the end of the quarter. She said she wanted to through more songs at me but she didn’t want to overwhelm me. I told her I appreciated that due to all my READING!…..oh snap. I have reading.

SO, just wanted to tell you. I got three things going my way recently that I have either recently wished for, wanted for a long time, or desired semi-recently. Thank you, Lord. =)

Until Later,

p.s. forgot to tell you the songs!
Mira from the musical Carnival
And I’ve Got You Under My Skin

I’m so excited! I want to go home and hold my bunny while I read.


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