Junior Year 1.2, College Year 3.4, My GPA 2.low

** I have been keeping these writings in a notebook intending to begin my blog but haven’t had time to commit them to virtual reality until now. I will try to mark the date I wrote them. NOTE: after having written them and now coming back to type them on here I will admit I have embellished them slightly.**

March 31, 2013

So it’s back to the grind. I’m excited after having taken a quarter off from school to get back to work and tackle all the challenges that await a second year Junior at the University of Washington in Seattle. I feel like a freshman all over again. New people. New start. New clothes – okay maybe not the new clothes considering how much of my paycheck goes towards my gas for commuting, BUT regardless, I am going to enjoy the mental demands school has to offer especially since all three of my courses this quarter are 300 to 400 level classes. Woohoo for mental struggles and new brain-wringles!

Now, since I’m new to this whole blog thing and haven’t kept any journalistic posts before this one I’m sure I’ll have some background explaining to do (I think this is the part that has always persuaded me to avoid starting a blog before now – too much work). I’m lazy, normally, but after Christmas I tried to avoid making a resolution just because I didn’t want to feel the disappointment of not having achieved yet another goal I set for myself. However, in doing this I realized just how lazy I had become. After three months of no school I started to recover from what I like to call a “scholastic withdraw”.

I honestly can say I don’t know what went wrong. All I know is that six months ago I was in school at the UW – a 3.5 student – with C’s only in math but A’s and B’s in all the arts and sciences until that one Fall quarter when everything got flushed down the scholastic toilet of doom. I got three F’s in one quarter and my GPA dropped making me eligible for Program zilch.

Usually I am too lazy to type out my problems but since I’m working on this laziness…

I went to class. I took the notes. I studied on my own time. I even remained video game free for three months and I don’t know what happened. everything seemed fine for the first few weeks. But like the warrantee on a brand new car, my grades went down the day after the drop out due date – that is the last day that allows us students to drop a class or classes without harm coming to our GPA. “Close, but no cigar”.

For awhile I blamed it on being sick for the first three weeks of classes. I was so sick I couldn’t hold food. I was dehydrated. Had headaches. And often had to rush to the bathroom during class…or during breaks. My doctor told me I had an intestinal disease that was soon gone after taking probiotics and digestive enzymes (compliments to these health concepts at a later date. I can ramble about nutrition like a nutritional “wacko” all day – especially about pets…like I said, we’ll do that at another date).

As winter break came and went, I felt it would be best, emotionally for me and financially for my parents (I wanted Christmas presents), to sit out a quarter. During this time I did nothing but work and enjoy other outdoor activities such as riding horses and playing video games like Battlefield 3 <— gamer chick!

Eventually as Spring quarter registration rolled around I was hesitant to register. The only thing that fully persuaded me to register at UW again was the fact that approximately 6 months earlier I'd messed up on an opportunity to be accepted into a program that was for Graphic Design. I'd taken the entry course and gotten a 3.4. To be accepted into the program you needed a 3.7 or higher OR you needed to take the summer all-day workshop. I didn't go to the workshop because at the time I had thought I wasn't good enough and Design wasn't for me. For me, career choices came and went like a sunny day in Seattle – here and gone the next day. The only problem was, in this analogical world was I didn't know what my "rain" career was. If Design is the sunny days…what's the cloudy days? Snowy days? And most importantly what is the ever consistent rainy day?

I spent the morning of the workshop in total regret.

SO here i am…back at the UW. Four years of college under my belt. An AA to show for two of them and nothing to show for the others and a whole quarter with three tall F's next it.

Welcome back to the UW, ya slob!


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