April 2013

April 14, 2013

I’m beginning to become overwhelmed already. I have two outlines done, which is helpful, but I still have a summary, a make-up paper (2 pages, but still) and a paper to plan that is suppose to be 3-5 pages long involving FEMINISM and GENDERISM and other absurd -isms that are supposedly purposefully placed into 18th-19th century children’s literature. Bogus class. Wish I hadn’t taken it.

I accept full responsibility for the stress involved with the make-up paper for my business communications class. I missed the first quiz and tried to play it off as if I intended it that way. I partially did – subconsciously – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to explain why I didn’t wake up during my alarm that morning. “I prefer writing” is how I put it to my professor. He smirked and reminded me I only get to substitute a paper for a quiz ONCE in his class. I exchanged understanding of the rule then returned to my seat. So it’s a 2 page paper – NO PROBLEM! He sent me an email with two pieces of literature to read. They weren’t long pieces of literature, but one of them was by Shakespeare. The other a dialogue from a movie clip we had watched in class. He also gave me a reasonable amount of time to finish the paper – a whole week practically. I read the literature and made notes on the papers. I’m suppose to discuss the similarities and differences between the strategies each speaker used in their motivational speeches. So far I have a few.

One thing I’m hung up on is whether I should make this paper double spaced. It is typically the way papers are turned in unless otherwise stated by the professor. I might email him and ask. My original plan had been to write it without double spacing. I didn’t want to seem like a slacker for wishing it were double spaced – I wanted to impress professor Whelan. I think it a wiser decision to email him my question rather than stress about whether or not I have enough subtopics to write a 2 page paper.

Until later,


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